The best advertising always comes from a friend. Grow your business with Tell-A-Friend, Word Of Mouth referrals.

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About Tell a Friend

TellaFriend is a referral system that rewards your customers by having their friends purchase your products & services.

  • Your customers become your advocates and receive cash or discounts for referring your great products to their friends.
  • Their friends receive discounts and also become advocates to refer more sales.
  • Your referral system keeps growing by itself, while increasing your sales.
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Simple to Set Up & Easy To Use:

Install the TellaFriend plugin on your favorite content management system, no developer work or coding needed. Setup your advocate reward, the coupon for their friends and you are up and running in minutes.

Real Time Analytics & API Integration

Tell-A-Friend’s UI and API’s report and track all your advocate rewards and their friends purchases. Use our APIs to build onto your existing ecommerce store and customize your experience while utilizing our infrastructure.

Sell More & Increase Customer Life Time Value

Having your happy customers share special offers with their friends brings more happy customers to your store. When your brand has a positive image your customers feel better about purchasing from your store.

3 Easy Steps



Install Plugin


Setup Advocate Prize and Friend Discount


Watch Your Bussiness Grow



Sign Up


Tell Your Friends And Send Them Their Link Via SMS or Whatsapp


Earn Rewards



Receive An Advocates Message


Make A Qualified Purchase Using The Discount


Sign Up To Become An Advocate


Everything in one place for you to maximize your word of mouth advertising and create your referral program today!

Customizable Advocates Programs:

Setup a fixed cash dollar amount or a percentage of the total friends purchase value as the advocate reward.

Customizable Friend Rewards:

Each friend that receives an advocates message can earn a fixed dollar amount off their purchase or a percentage off the total cart. Set a minimum and/or maximum order amount to qualify for the special offer.

Real Time Analytics:

All of the advocate and friend purchases are tracked in real time. Learn valuable insights about your products and referral program to grow your business even faster.

Easy For Your Customers To Sign Up:

Have the advocate form on your site check out process to have your customers start growing your referral program and everyone wins.

No More Development Work:

Use our simple setup to have the pages built for your advocates to sign up and track their rewards and landing page for the friends to collect special offer.

Developer Friendly:

For those who want more flexibility, our full featured API will allow you to maximize your Tell-A-Friend experience.

Pricing for Ecommerce Owners

With an easy pricing structure, your referral program will grow with confidence that your store will be earning a profit.




$ 29.99per month plus purchase commission and transaction fees.*

  • The least expensive way to put your Word Of Mouth Marketing on Autopilot


Sales Per Month
First $1k
Next $10k
Next $100k
Everything Above

*Transaction fees of 2.99% plus $0.30 will be applied to both commission and reward payout transactions.

Reward Your Customers and Grow Your Business

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